By Gus Schumacher, Executive VP Wholesome Wave, August 6, 2013
My wife and I stopped by almost too late at Cape Cod’s newest farmers’ market in Truro on July 28th, as some 600 shoppers had already purchased most of the products by 11 am. Francie Randolph and her team of dedicated volunteers opened the market on June 17th, running each Monday from 8 am to noon. We barely managed to purchase ingredients for a healthy lunch before most producers sold out. Randolph said some farmers had to make quick trips back to their nearby Truro farms to replenish supplies as demand was so strong…we also noticed families using their USDA Food and Nutrition Senior and WIC Farmers Market Vouchers. Truro farmer and market co-founder David Dewitt highlighted his just picked fresh Kale and salad greens to a couple using their vouchers for the first time at his market stand. Randolph and Dewitt are also working with USDA to access a Debit/Credit/EBT wireless machine to encourage families on SNAP food stamps to use their benefits at the Truro market for healthy, local and very fresh fruits and vegetables…Click to view the full story!