Truro Educational Farmers’ Market

Mondays: June 3 – August 26, 2024

8am – 12pm

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Truro Educational Farmers’ Market

CAPE COD  Mondays: June 3 – August 26, 2024, 8am – 12pm


Truro Educational Farmers’ Market, 20 Truro Center Road (next to the Post Office). Rain or Shine.

Who: Coming soon!

What: You’ll find our outdoor market on the banks of the Pamet River in Truro Center. We offer fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, eggs, lobsters, humanely-raised pork / poultry / beef, breads & baked treats, chai & coffee,  wine, mushrooms, honey, plants and flowers – all sold by a great group of people. We’ve organized art & education throughout the market (created in large part by the children in our school gardening programs!), music and a beautiful spot for Cape Codders to sell food they’ve grown, raised, caught or made in Barnstable County. Please join us!

Nutrition Incentives Accepted: Doubling SNAP purchases up to $10/week. Earn HIP reimbursements for Fruits & Vegetable purchases with your SNAP card ($40-$80 can be reimbursed back onto SNAP debits just by shopping at the Farmers Market!) Doubling WIC & Senior Discount Coupons up to $10/week. Project Gratitude $10/week for veterans. Fresh Kid’s Awards for our Farmer-in-the-School students.

Vendors: To apply as a Barnstable County vendor, click here.

Where: Veterans Memorial Park, 20 Truro Center Road, Truro  (next to the Post Office).

When: MONDAYS  June 3 – August 26, 8am-12pm.

Directions: Route 6 to Pamet Roads / Truro Center exit.  See a map.

Parking: IMPORTANT: Please stroll from the lot on South Pamet Road or on one side of the access roads. The adjacent lot across from the Cobb library is reserved for seniors. Please do not park in the Jams/Post Office lots as they would understandably like to reserve their lot for their patrons and deliveries. We urge you to respect their wishes as it will go a long way to ensuring the future of the Truro Educational Farmers’ Market and positive, supportive neighbors. We appreciate your cooperation — Thank you!

In the New York Times: Mark Bittman’s Op-Ed “Farmers’ Market Values”  gives a shout out to Sustainable CAPE’s Truro Farmers’ Market, New York City’s Greenmarket, and Metro DC’s FreshFarm Markets. Seeing the value in tiny Truro!

Local Food for All… SNAP, HIP, WIC, Senior Discount, Project Gratitude & Fresh Kids Coupons

More on Nutrition Incentives: The Truro Educational Farmers’ Market accepts SNAP, HIP, WIC, Senior Discount Coupons and Project Gratitude for veterans. In 2013 we received a USDA grant for an EBT machine that accepts both SNAP and credit cards. In 2020 we became a HIP authorized retailer meaning up to $40-$80/month (depending on family size) is automatically reimbursed to you when you use your SNAP card with us at the Info Booth for fruit and vegetable purchases. Our market connects and benefits every socio-economic level, striving to make local food accessible for all.

$10 Match for SNAP, WIC, Senior Discount Coupon Clients: We match SNAP, WIC, and Senior Discount Coupon benefits in $2.50 increments, adding up to $10 for fresh food purchases.  In other words, a $10 SNAP debit will yield $20 in tokens to be used at the market. The same EBT machine and tokens are used for credit cards, Project Gratitude, SNAP, WIC, and Senior Discount Coupons, assuring anonymity. No change is given for tokens at vendor booths. For more SNAP info, including eligibility information, click here.

Project Gratitude: In 2018 we won a grant from Massachusetts Department of Agriculture which allowed us to start a new program Project Gratitude. The mission of Project Gratitude is to thank veterans and their families for their service by connecting them with local farmers on the Cape & Islands. Veterans are gifted $10 in weekly Fruits & Vegetable tokens that they spend with farmers at participating farmers markets, boosting the harvesters’ income. By connecting veterans and farmers, a dialogue is created among those in service to our land, strengthening the health of our community.

Fresh Kids Coupons: We  give every child who has completed a season’s work (growing food for snacks and the school lunch through our Farmer-in-the-School Program) an award: a voucher good for $10 worth of free fresh food at the Truro Educational Farmers Market. We advertise our SNAP doubling program on the back of the voucher, thereby directly reaching families with young children. What could be better than more kids eating more great local food?!

We have purposefully created a market that encourages everyone to shop locally by the gorgeous Pamet River.

Learn & Participate!

Educational Tabling: If you are interested in setting up an educational table at the farmers market for your Community Organization, Non-Profit, Government Organization or Committee, or Healthcare Organization, please fill out our Farmers Market Tabling Registration Form. Please note that as the Truro Farmers’ Market’s primary purpose is to support local harvesters, sales and solicitation by community organizations is not permitted.

Community Partnerships: If you are a business interested in collaboration please reach out about available sponsorship opportunities.

Education Boards: The Truro Educational Farmers’ Market is committed to educating customers as they move through the market and purchase local food. We create Ed Boards with children in our school and after-school gardening classes. The Ed Boards teach customers about both the farmer or producer as well as a “sustainability fact” that pertains to the vendor’s food. Through education, each of us can learn how to care for and participate in our local food system and the health of our bodies, community and environment.

Budding Entrepreneur Program: The modern day version of a lemonade stand, we encourage children to join us as a vendor. Gross and net profits, marketing, signage and educating customers are several of the many lessons learned. By offering a discounted vendor fee, Sustainable CAPE  encourages any child who has less than $125 in sales per day to join us as a “Tabletop Vendor.”

Volunteers: The Truro Educational Farmers’ Market actively seeks committed volunteers for a variety of positions starting at 1/2 hour per week. We schedule help with signage (putting up and taking down), set-up of the market, breakdown, postering, marketing and shifts behind the Sustainable CAPE market table. To become a part of a wonderful group of committed volunteers throughout the summer and into September, please contact us.

The Vision…

The Truro Farmers’ Market mission is to educate the consumer about the many benefits of local food to our health and the environment. Direct access to Barnstable County’s local harvest and harvesters will enhance and enrich the community by offering community-led education as well as a venue to sell products grown, raised, caught, or produced on Cape Cod. The Truro Farmers’ Market (TFM) connects and benefits every socio-economic level, striving to be accessible to all.

Eating Locally, Thinking Globally.